Finding Our Direction

When I was younger, I felt that I would look for God’s direction, hop on His train and then serve the passengers. I viewed it as a one-time thing: I would commit myself to His ways, and the rest would be about following Him. My days of looking for direction would be over. Well, it has been about following Him, but not in the way in which I had originally envisioned it.

As I approach my 52nd birthday, my experience does not match my original expectations of oh, so many years ago. There have been seasons of life all requiring a renewed examination of God’s will . . . and the alignment of mine.

The latest re-examination began on Epiphany. I originally posted that God was doing something new, but just what that was remained veiled. In some ways, much mystery still exists. Kind of like with Abraham, God said “Go!” with little concrete direction beyond the initial sending. But now, after almost three months of seeking a more definitive idea of just what God might have in mind, “The Community Chaplain” is beginning to take shape.

Doors appear to be opening for ministry to specific people in our community: those in life transition, whether for long-term care or rehabilitation, those facing life-threatening injury or diseases, and ministry to the underprivileged in Seminole County. Many of the details are not yet in place, but the ministry has begun, and the column of God’s people seems to be forming. People have volunteered for visits, others have shown interest in upcoming events, and those in need have welcomed our help.

Please continue to join us in prayer as we work to create a safety net for people who have previously fallen through the cracks. Our goal is to encourage the hurting, build up the broken, and restore the lost.


RICHARD J. FOSTER’s comment at the end of Streams of Living Water.

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