About Us

We are all in spiritual need at some point in our lives. It is easy to question the paths once commonly traveled. Do you feel all alone in what seems to be an impossible situation or walking down an unfamiliar path? Let us walk with you.

You don't have to be alone. Reach out to us.

Our role can be as simple as listening or as complicated as helping in the coordination of the proper resources for a particular need. No matter the circumstance, our goal is to prove that you are not alone and that there is always hope. 


Wherever there is a need going unmet,

we are interested in providing spiritual support.  

The Community Garden
Skilled Nursing Facility Visits
Assistance Managing Life Transitions 
Ministry of Presence*
* (Being present and available even if nothing else is possible.)
The Community Oratory
Assisted Living Facility Visits
Other Pastoral Services

There are countless ways that we can provide help and support to one another as fellow human beings on this journey through life. The list of services above is meant as a sampling of those situations.

Meeting you where life happens...


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Winter Springs, Florida and Surrounding Areas


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